How Can I SBCGlobal Email Settings on Outlook?

 In this short article, you will get to know, how to do SBCGlobal email settings on outlook very easily.
SBCGlobal Email Server Settings in Outlook
Below mentioned are the server settings that you need to do in order to Configure SBCGlobal email account on MS Outlook otherwise, you will not be able to use your email account without any hindrance:
Settings of Incoming Email Server- IMAP
  • Server:
  • Port Number: 993
  • TLS Requirement: Yes
  • SSL Requirement: Yes
Settings of Outgoing Email Server- SMTP
  • Server:
  • Port Number: 465
  • TLS Requirement: Yes
  • SSL Requirement: Yes
Login Information of the User
  • Name: Name of the user used in the email
  • Username: SBCGlobal email address
  • Password: The password of the above-mentioned SBCGlobal email account.
Adding an Email Account in Outlook
After you are done configuring the servers, you have to add your email account in Outlook. This is a very crucial step as when you add your email account it will start showing your emails coming into your inbox. Any change you made in your account using SBC official website will reflect in the Outlook, hence, the syncing of Outlook and SBCGlobal needs to be done carefully, by following these steps:

At first, you need to open your Outlook software on your PC.
  1. Then you have to find for and optioned named “File”.
  2. After clicking on “File” you will see several options, choose “Add Account”.
  3. Then, enter your Name, Username, or email address and password. In the bottom left corner, you will see “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types”, you have to click on this and then “Next”.
  4. Then, select “POP and IMAP” settings, after moving forward you have to fill in the server details, mentioned above.
  5. After you are done filling those, follow the instructions on the screen and finish the process by clicking “Finish”.
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