Does CompuServe Email Still Exist?

Email servicing, generally tends to make a loyal group of customers or users who tend not to leave the service. This is the case with more or less every email service, be it Gmail, Yahoo or Compuserve email. This has a simple logic behind it, that is the email servicing is quite a static service to use. Once you get on an email service, you must continue it as your colleagues or friends are on it as well. Compuserve was the same in every aspect, it has created a loyal group of users who were shocked to hear the news of AOL stopping the email service of Compuserve. So, every user of the email service had the exact same question, what is going to happen to their email sign in. In this article, we will let you know exactly the answer to this question and how to carry on with your email service in Compuserve.
How to carry on with the Compuserve email service?
Now, that Compuserve email is not being used by the users and it has been bought out by AOL email. This question is in every user mind whether they will be able to use their old email accounts. 
  • First, we would like you to inform that even though it has been shifted to Aol and it has stopped its service you can use Compuserve as an email service. 
  • All you need to do is shift your CompuServe webmail account to the new account. 
  • The next step to do this is to sign in to Compuserve. All you need to do is click on register, add information, set a password and hit submit. This will ensure the admission of your new account on Compuserve. 
  • Now you can log in to Compuserve just by putting in the account's credentials, which includes the password and email address.